The Edge Computing Association invites you to watch this on-demand webinar with Patricia (Tish) Conlin of Global Consulting Group Inc., in the three-part series on building thriving teams. In this third session, you will learn the importance of using critical thinking to make better decisions.

This session's learning outcomes:

  • What is Thinking-Critical vs. Strategic
  • How can it help you? Why we think fast and slow
  • Tips to better focus
  • 6 Steps in Critical Thinking
  • Pitfalls and Traps to Critical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking Fallacies/Biases
  • Improving Decision Quality with Curiosity
  • Creating a Culture of Critical Thinking

This Webinar's Panelists

Patricia (Tish) Conlin - Expert Panelist

President and founder of Global Consulting Group Inc. (, a leading Talent Solutions company. She is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Black Belt Martial Artist and International Speaker and Soft Skills trainer. Her website and training is located at

Philip Bliss - Host and Moderator

Philip is President of the Edge Computing Association. He is a digital pioneer and commentator who has been at the forefront of digital media development for the past twenty years. He provides strategy, marketing, product and technology leadership to companies and organizations that want to leverage their digital assets. He is passionate about the evolution of edge computing and how it will reshape the technology landscape as we know it, in the office, at home...anywhere.

Patricia (Tish) Conlin