In this UK market-focused webinar you will discover how FileFlex, an edge computing remote data access and sharing solution, can bring you zero-trust security and compliance, reduce your costs and enhance collaboration in your office.

The webinar will show you:

  1. How to create and manage virtual data rooms from your existing storage -- an awesome benefit for the professions and secure enterprise operations;
  2. How to implement a virtualized hybrid cloud storage architecture with minimal investment; and
  3. How to leverage your existing infrastructure, reduce storage costs and improve fully compliant remote data access and collaboration.

Join us on and April 14 1:00pm (GMT) as we host this valuable webinar. The following speakers will discuss this edge technology direction and provide some hands-on examples.

Webinar Speakers

Host & Moderator

Philip Bliss
Founder, Edge Computing Association

Philip is a digital marketing pioneer and a technology entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of digital media development for the past twenty years.

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FileFlex Speaker

Tom Ward
VP Marketing, Qnext

Tom is a 30 year veteran who was a founding employee of ATI Technologies Inc. and holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University. With extensive experience in both large multi-national companies (such as NEC and Celestica) and small entrepreneurial start-ups (such as ATI Technologies, MGI Software and Qnext). Tom is a senior marketing executive with extensive experience motivating and leading teams and successfully developing global distribution channel.

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Aexus Speaker

Zacchary Couldrick
Managing Director Aexus, UK and Ireland and Epik8 Limited.

Zacc is a telecoms, software and digital innovation specialist with more than a decades experience delivering transformative tech solutions to corporate and enterprise clients in the UK and further afield.

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Apr 14 9:00am to Apr 14 10:00am
Zoom Webinar
ECA, Qnext & Epik8 Limited