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ECA has been established as a result of feedback we have received from many of our subscribers, which at last count totaled 180,000+. The central cloud that we all know will always be there – but with deep learning and AI, not to mention storage and back up – processing and sharing is becoming more focused.

Edge computing usage shouldn’t depend on device-to-cloud speed, especially when time-sensitive performance is of the essence. But if we’re not storing data in the cloud, what happens when people and devices need to share vital data? Is keeping everything on the device, or even on the company storage and network, the best solution?

The emergence of edge computing; keeping data at the edge of the cloud is now one of the most rapid areas of growth in computing. New edge application architectures can factor in latency, location, security, and autonomy in their designs. New hybrid peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies means that processing can stay at the edge or be shared in a less centralized manner.

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