The rise in importance of temporary jobs during the pandemic has been undeniable as businesses look to navigate an unpredictable climate, according to a new survey from staffing firm PeopleReady.

The survey found that many companies (40%) are planning to make temporary jobs a permanent part of their post-pandemic workforce model.

“In the past year, 52% of companies have increased their use of temporary workers and cited the need to scale their workforce as the top reason,” the company said.

“The survey of both hiring managers and workers found that most workers (65%) are considering temporary or part-time work to earn more income amid a rough economy.

“Additionally, the number of those taking full-time jobs has declined by 56% since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020. In comparison, those taking temporary jobs has increased by 66%, and those accepting part-time employment has risen by 13%.”

Temporary jobs have become vital to both businesses and job seekers over the past year and the research indicates that will only increase in the future, said Taryn Owen, president of PeopleReady.

She added that as temporary jobs become “increasingly integrated into workforce models, we are focused on making it faster and easier to connect people and work.”

Other key findings from the PeopleReady survey include:

  • 74% of hiring managers say the pandemic has changed how they staff their workforce.
  • 53% of companies increased their use of staffing firms during the last year.
  • The overwhelming majority (77%) of people now know someone who has lost a job in the past year.
  • Most Americans feel the job market is either getting worse (54%) or staying the same as it has for the past several months (22%).

Paul Barker