Vapor IO and VMware today announced the Open Grid Alliance (OGA), an industry consortium, whose mandate will be to define and accelerate what the two companies described as an “evolutionary rearchitecting of the Internet.”

Dell Technologies, DriveNets, MobiledgeX, and PacketFabric will also join as founding members. In a statement, they said the alliance will work to “evolve the Internet to be a global, shared platform that distributes compute, data, and intelligence to when and where it’s needed, on demand.”

“The Internet was built from the core out. Now we need to rebuild it from the edge in,” said Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of edge infrastructure company Vapor IO. “The alliance will accelerate a decades-long journey of innovation at all levels of the stack, from fiber optics to workload automation.

“We want to align thought leaders, technologies and investments to bring forth applications that simply cannot be delivered on the Internet we have today. The Open Grid is for everybody; it will only emerge from deep industry collaborations.”

The OGA, a release said, will include “leaders from myriad industries and disciplines, leveraging domain expertise that spans the entire stack, encompassing the physical infrastructure as well as the software-driven networking, virtualization, automation, and application layers.

“Working groups will provide a platform for these voices to present ideas, facilitate discussions, and offer suggestions. In addition, the organization will serve as an educational resource and knowledge hub for future Open Grid technologies and innovations.”

Kaniz Mahdi, vice president of advanced technologies at VMware, said that as “human experiences evolve from basic content consumption to real-time immersive collaboration, we see the Internet evolving toward a compute grid and eventually, an intelligence grid.

“This evolution will enable highly-interactive intelligence applications to be distributed around the globe, on demand. We’ve never built something of this scale, and it will require bridging of disparate technologies with multiple levels of abstraction. This will only be possible with a deeper level of collaboration across wireless, cloud, and networking industries.”

As part of its charter, the OGA will embrace technologies that “distribute the economics and flexibility of the cloud through the network edge all the way to end users, making it possible to build new classes of applications that support billions of intelligent devices, the data that they generate, and the new networking infrastructure that underpins their seamless operation.

According to the release, it will also define key principles for the Open Grid and identify interoperable technologies that adhere to those principles.

“The business of the Internet has been the greatest predictor of value creation in our digital economy and created a whole new way of doing business,” said Vish Nandlall, vice president, technology strategy and ecosystems for Dell Technologies. “It removed geographic barriers and changed the way we connect.

“As a founding member of the OGA, Dell Technologies sees this as an opportunity to deliver an edge Internet tier to tackle the unprecedented innovation taking place today, extend its reach of the internet and drive greater innovation in areas such as intelligent connected vehicles, smart cities, industry 4.0, and connected healthcare.”