Qualifi, an on-demand screening platform allowing recruiting teams to phone interview hundreds of candidates in minutes, has raised its first round of institutional capital, a US$600,000 pre-seed investment.

Major investors include: Sixty8 Capital, the Indianapolis-based fund for Black, Brown, women and LGBTQ+-led startups, Elevate Ventures, Queen City Angels, Flywheel Fund and angel investors. Qualifi said it will use the capital to grow its business from sales and marketing to further optimizing the platform to address customer needs.

The platform, the company says, enables recruiters to “create one-way interview experiences using audio and voice that candidates respond to over a standard phone call, eliminating back-and-forth scheduling, reducing communication times with candidates, and capturing better data to help recruiters scale screening efforts.”

Recruiters using Qualifi, a release stated, shave one week off their time-to-hire average.

“We've been recruiters ourselves and we spend so much time listening to our customers to understand the challenges they face, that we know exactly what they need from us," said CEO and company founder Darrian Mikell.

“This cash injection will allow us to build functionality into the platform much faster, expanding our capabilities to meet the specific needs of our customers in verticals like healthcare, call centres, and other fast-paced industries.”

Founded in 2019, Qualifi grew from the accelerator and Pitch Pardi programs from Be Nimble, a social enterprise supporting the growth of black tech ecosystems. The firm also recently completed its participation in TechStars Anywhere.

“Qualifi has made recruitment more fun," said Calista Rihm, human resources manager at Reid Health. "The whole process, for both the applicant and the recruiter, is much more streamlined. We have taken hours out of the phone screen process and are able to better serve our applicants, finding the right fit for them in our organization.”