SEAKR Engineering

City of Centennial, Colorado,
United States

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Full Time
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Job Description

Seeking a Systems Engineer specializing in assessments of both hardware and software vulnerabilities and exploitations for multiple programs and provide guidance on mitigation strategies. Candidate will have a strong grasp of the information assurance industry and ability to implement mitigation strategies to increase information systems ability to withstand cyber attacks from multiple attack vectors.

* Analyze network, hardware and software applications to identify possible vulnerabilities and attack vectors then provide risk assessments and mitigation strategies
* Design and develop information hardened systems to ensure the security of data during storage, transmission and use.
* Candidate continues to review and learn about existing and emerging threats (0-days) and understands defensive designs needed to deter/stop possible threats
* Must have at least 7 years of experience with the following: hardware assurance, software assurance, network assurance, encryption, multiple protocols, security keys/tokens, multiple platforms (spacecraft/mobile/tablet/desktop etc.), digital forensics, cryptographic algorithms, information abstraction, multiple operating systems, multiple kernels, system administration experience and penetration testing experience
* Experience with the design of FPGA, ASIC, PCB, processors, virtualization, security enclaves, root of trust and memory management

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