City of Fort Wayne, Indiana,
United States

Job Type
Full Time
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Job Description

To help continue our rapid growth and solve our clients toughest problems, we need an Enterprise Systems Administrator to join our Enterprise Managed Services team. If you love to solve problems and add value, please consider what your typical days might look like

* You will perform tactical and strategic planning in conjunction with our clients, including identification and analysis of potential projects to fulfill strategic and operational needs.
* You will escalate customer support requirements as appropriate, communicating relevant information (such as criticality and timeliness), and confirming acceptance of the escalated issue.
* You will manage the integrity and security of clients data, servers, devices, and softwareto support our clients businesses.
* You will manage and maintain our clients server, storage, and virtualization environments, ensuring the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of their systems.
* You will maintain infrastructure services, such as Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365, on-premises Exchange servers, DHCP, and DNS.
* You will keep client documentation up-to-date and accurate, including help desk tickets.
* You will participate in incident response teams, helping to resolve critical system outages, and develop root cause analysis to mitigate potential of further outages.
* You will assist in instituting monitoring systems and establish monitoring baselines for critical systems to proactively identify potential system faults as well as creating automation functions to remediate faults without manual intervention.
* You will oversee the daily activities and operations of our VMWare environments, including the storage, backup systems, host systems, and vSphere configuration to ensure their availability and integrity.
* You will create and implement patch and upgrade cycles for both our VMWare and guest server environments as part of our vulnerability management program.
* You will participate with our other support teams to identify, evaluate, and document IT operations, strategy, services, and budget to identify shortfalls, improvement opportunities, and process improvement.
* Participate in the daily planning, tracking, scheduling, and execution of tasks.
* Lead portions of the presentations and other deliverables to the customer as needed.
* Assist in developing action plans to address issues and identify improvement opportunities and to assist in the development and planning of technology or remediation projects for our clients.
* Assist other support teams to define cost savings, software compliances and service improvement opportunities.
* Assist in the development and design of network, system, security, storage, virtualization, and cloud architectures or services to ensure reliable operations that align with client objectives.
* You will mentor other team members on technical issues.

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