19 Ideas

Soldiers Place, New York,
United States

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Full Time
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Job Description


This position provides critical support to the team for all front-end development work and deliverables related to our clients. In coordination with Brand Managers and Project Managers, this role works with all members of the team to ensure all work is completed within established timeframes and to the required specifications defined in the scope of each project.


* Perform front-end development to our designers specs and troubleshoot wherever needed.
* Develop new features and content on existing client websites and applications for client change requests.
* Participate in code reviews.
* Integrate third party software with existing web systems, as needed.
* Test, debug and assist with the implementation of quality control processes, as well as interface with and support both 19 Ideas clients and internal team.
* Interface with third party vendors on behalf of 19 Ideas and its clients, where needed.
* Offer new ideas and concepts to the 19 Ideas team and participate in creative ideation sessions, as needed.
* Assist in planning, developing and implementing appropriate and forward-thinking digital strategies and solutions for 19 Ideas and its clients.
* Collaborate with team members to ensure that the proposed website and mobile app concepts are executed within client-specified timeframes and budgets.
* Actively participate in daily status meetings and other company meetings.
* Contribute to weekly workflow updates, both internally and client-facing, as well as attend internal status meetings and discuss project progress.
* Foster and maintain a positive and healthy working relationship with 19 Ideas team members as well as clients through both direct and indirect contact.
* Liaise, communicate and manage effectively between employees and company leadership, including staying on top of emails and other internal communication and project management channels.
* Utilize and update project management tools and software on a daily basis.

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