Huawei Technologies USA Chief Security Officer, Andy Purdy, will be a speaker on one of the premier panels, at RSA Conference 2020.

During the panel, How to Reduce Supply Chain Risk: Lessons from Efforts to Block Huawei,  he will discuss the company's ongoing challenges with the U.S. government, and his views on how the balance should be struck between whether and how the U.S. might benefit from Huawei's 5G technology while addressing real national security and other cyber risks.

Additionally, Purdy will also address why manufacturers, their customers and stakeholder governments should work together to address cybersecurity risk to provide both assurance and transparency. Purdy will be joined on the panel by Katie Arrington of the U.S. Dept of Defense / OUSD for Acquisitions, Bruce Schneier of the Harvard Kennedy and Kathryn Waldron of R Street Institute

More specifically, he will speak to the responsibility of the players in the communications ecosystem to do their part to manage risk and promote resilience, Huawei said in a release.

“The scrutiny Huawei has been under not only pushes us to raise the security and resilience bar in collaboration with our carriers, governments, and customers," said Purdy.

"At critical stages like this, every company in the communications ecosystem should be guided by standards and best practices and subject to conformance protocols and, in the case of equipment suppliers, independent rigorous testing – we're taking responsibility and are held to standards and national and customer requirements that will minimize evolving risk and prioritize effective risk management.”

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Paul Barker