Hitachi, Ltd. has launched the Lumada Alliance Program, which it said is designed to “bring together industry-leading partners from the domains of information technology, operational technology, vertical industries, academia, and government to collaborate on digital solutions that deliver economic growth as well as social, environmental, and quality of life innovations.”

Lumada is the name of Hitachi's advanced digital solutions and services division “designed to turn data into insights that drive digital innovation.”

“This program will allow us to pursue collaborative creation and build a value-generating ecosystem together with all our diverse partners across industry lines, utilizing the technologies, expertise, and ideas,” said Toshiaki Higashihara, company president and CEO.

“(It) will facilitate a further acceleration of the social innovation. I am convinced that this ecosystem initiative can contribute to solving various social issues and improving people's quality of life, as well as mutual growth. With all our partners who support the vision of this program, we will do our utmost to realize a sustainable and affluent society together.”

Initial alliance members are Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google Cloud, Microsoft and Salesforce.

Going forward, Hitachi said it will continue to expand the program globally through its digital infrastructure and solutions subsidiary Hitachi Vantara.

The need for digital strategies to address the global challenges in sectors such as transportation, energy, health and safety, global trade and supply chains, and environmental sustainability “have never been more pressing,” the company said.

“The program's goals include creating an ecosystem of partners who can collaborate and share ideas, innovation strategies, technologies, and relationships to accelerate economic growth and social innovations.

“Digital technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart spaces, and edge computing are converging with more traditional operational and industrial technologies to create opportunities for a new generation of digital solutions that can deliver increased productivity, connected ecosystems, and faster innovation.”

Accelerating the development of this next generation of digital solutions requires combining deep knowledge of vertical industries along with successful strategies for the adoption of advanced digital technologies, it added.

The Lumada Alliance will include three tiers of partners:

  • Solution Providers, who develop, integrate, and deliver digital solutions
  • Technology Partners, who provide advanced products and technologies for use in developing and managing solutions
  • Innovation Partners, who provide deep expertise in vertical industries, government and public infrastructure, and research and development.
Paul Barker