Reuters Events is planning to hold what it describes as the “most important technology event in a generation to plot a course towards a more sustainable, equitable and trustworthy world.”

The MOMENTUM Virtual forum, taking place Dec. 9-10 will bring together a lineup of board-level executives who will discuss how “best to overcome today’s global challenges and build a better future through technology.”

Confirmed speakers include Microsoft’s chief information security officer Bret Arsenault, Bank of America’s chief operations technology officer Catherine Bessant, Google’s CTO office founder Will Grannis, Facebook’s CIO Atish Banerjea and Comcast’s CISO Noopur Davis.

“MOMENTUM will unite the global technology community to reimagine and advance the role of tech in building a better society and advanced economy,” said Jonny Witherspoon, the event’s project director, who is hoping to attract upwards of 10,000 attendees.

The event’s agenda will focus on four key themes:

  • Sustainability and why a more sustainable world requires dramatic changes in how we produce and distribute goods, feed ourselves and move from one place to another, plus how shifts in behavior are paving the way for more sustainable practices.
  • Trust and ethics, and how technological innovation and disruption is developing faster than our existing institutions are shifting. The event aims to answer pressing questions about the positive and negative impact technology can have on our society.
  • Economy and how technology will impact the future of work; with seismic shifts in global employment practices, now is the time to craft the future of the working world, explore new business models and talk tech skills.
  • Society and how education, healthcare and civil society must be reimagined through the lens of what is possible with technology now that it is permeating every aspect of life.

MOMENTUM will also feature more than 40 board-level speakers across 25 live and 15 on-demand sessions. The agenda includes case studies, Reuters editorial interviews and one-to-one networking services.

“Our speakers will be tackling some of the biggest questions of our age, from how can we improve education and make it universally accessible to how to ensure that humanity always remains the master of technology,” said Witherspoon.

“We understand that carefully considered human decisions and collaboration are central to challenge the possible and enable technology to realize its full potential.”

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Paul Barker