Lenovo this week released its new portfolio of embedded computers for the edge during the Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL virtual exhibition.

Building from the existing edge portfolio from Lenovo, the ThinkEdge devices – the new ThinkEdge SE30 and ThinkEdge SE50 – the company said, are “small, rugged, and powerful enough to meet the demanding needs of enterprise data processing, security and scalability at the edge.”

In a release, the company said it is estimated that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be processed at the edge.

In addition, it said, the global pandemic has become a catalyst for digital transformation and accelerated the push to the edge for many levels of the enterprise, as new solutions for operations and sales are introduced in global markets.

“Edge computing applications are numerous and growing rapidly. Retailers are implementing more automated checkouts and dynamic signage, real-time store traffic monitoring, inventory and fulfilling.

“Manufacturers are further automating assembly lines with predictive maintenance alerts and utilizing smart cameras for safety and quality inspections. Healthcare turns to edge computing for remote patient monitoring and medical device integration. With increased need for powerful, real-time insights across industries, the edge is becoming more critical and complex than ever.”

Lenovo’s December 2020 survey of IT executives and managers found that edge computing solutions are an urgent priority, and their deployment is on a fast-track.

Upwards of 59% of those surveyed stated they are “looking to implement new edge computing solutions within the next six months. In addition, 82% stated that “real time data collection and analysis is where edge solutions are making the most impact on their business.”

“Edge computing is critical infrastructure for intelligent transformation within the enterprise,” said Jon Pershke, vice president of strategy and emerging business for Lenovo’s intelligent devices group.

The ThinkEdge SE30 includes the latest 11th Generation Intel Core i5 vPro processors for industrial computing. The processor improves compute power, accelerates AI workloads, and is built for the challenges of edge implementations in enterprise with extended temperature support from -20 to +60 Celsius, long-life reliability, as well as enhanced security and manageability features, Lenovo said.

The ThinkEdge SE50, meanwhile, is “designed for versatile applications that require higher analytics and data processing at the edge. The embedded edge compute device includes an Intel Core i5 or i7 vPro processor for industrial computing and up to 32GB of memory.”

Additional information is available at the ThinkEdge web page.

Paul Barker