U.K. tech staffing specialist Frank Recruitment Group said this week it plans to open its first Canadian office, which will be located in Toronto.

“Last year was difficult for so many businesses, and it really highlighted the importance of the digital infrastructure companies need to have in place to be able to operate in today's increasingly online world,” said Rowan O’Grady, who heads up the firm’s North American division.

Opening in October, the new office will increase the company’s number of global hubs to 22. The Toronto location, the company said, will initially be home to both the firm's Nigel Frank and Mason Frank brands, specializing in sourcing candidates for Microsoft Azure and Dynamics, and Salesforce roles, respectively.

Frank Recruitment Group started in Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. with just three employees. Today, it has since grown to the point where the number of staff totals 1,900. The addition of the Toronto office means there will be an extra 14 jobs created in the area initially, with goals to grow these opportunities even further within the Canadian territory, the firm said in a release.

It said its expansion into Canada was fuelled by the burgeoning tech scene in Toronto, which just last year was regarded as the fastest growing tech market in North America.

“Over the past three years, the city was reported to have enjoyed more growth than the New York, Seattle, and Boston markets combined. The Toronto office will help the cloud recruitment firm to further expand its reach within the Americas and will assist in satisfying the demand for IT professionals who can complete digital transformations and cloud migrations.”

Matt Woodford, vice president of talent acquisition, said the pandemic has applied global pressure for cloud architecture to be not only implemented, but properly understood.

“The work-from-home message meant offices around the world had to rely on the cloud to transmit and hold important data that could be shared with employees and partners, no matter where in the world they were working from.”

O’Grady added that “opening another office in an area where the tech market is booming will mean we can work to connect even more talented IT professionals with businesses and help them land their dream roles.”

The Toronto office will be located at 70 The Esplanade, Unit 20 and will open its doors for business on Oct. 1.

The group operates seven trading brands that each focus on a specific technology product: Jefferson Frank (AWS), Nigel Frank International (Microsoft Dynamics and Azure), Mason Frank International (Salesforce), Washington Frank (enterprise ERP), Anderson Frank (NetSuite), Nelson Frank (ServiceNow), and FRG Technology Consulting (Marketing Automation and emerging technologies).