The Predictive Index (PI), creator of a talent optimization platform calls it “one of the biggest stories dominating headlines today,” namely the “record 9.2 million job openings available as millions of Americans quit en masse – better known as The Great Resignation.”

To uncover why people are leaving their jobs, the firm recently surveyed nearly 2,000 employees across 15+ industries, the findings of which were contained in a new document published today entitled, The 2021 People Management Report.

“Even in today’s climate, attrition often has less to do with physical safety, and more to do with psychological safety,” said Jackie Dube, senior vice president of talent optimization at PI.

“For organizations to avoid The Great Resignation, they need to listen to their people and mount a Great Retention instead. Whether it’s the flexibility of working where they want, when they want, or the freedom to take time off and recharge, employees are placing a premium on workplace empathy.”

Key findings revealed that:

  • Burnout is contagious. While 36% of respondents said they feel their manager is burned out, 40% said they feel burned out, and 45% said their team members seem burned out.
  • When asked if they agreed with the statement, “Many of my team members seem burned out at work,” 73% of people with burned-out managers agreed vs. just 22% of those with managers who aren’t burned out.
  • 46% of companies are adopting fully remote or hybrid work models moving forward.
  • Though 60% of employees work almost entirely on-site, only 49% actually want to.
  • While manager communication was the second-most valued skill among respondents, it was the number one skill they felt managers lack most. When compared to results from the previous report, communication shot up four spots on the list, from number five to number one.
  • When asked to select the top three skills managers lack, respondents chose effective communicator (18%), drives team morale (17%), and asks for feedback (17%).