AI-powered fever detection camera offers way to mitigate spread of COVID-19

Paul Barker | May 20, 2020 | The News

IN-DEPTH Camera has launched a fever detection camera to assist in preventing the spread of viral diseases such as COVID-19.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced scene analytics, the thermal imaging system allows for quick and accurate detection of elevated body temperature and automated people counting as they enter a building.

The camera can also detect if people are keeping safe distances from each other.

The system, the company said, is an effective non-contact fully automated solution to provide safer environments in places such as airports, hospitals, police departments, schools, businesses and any large public gathering location.

It comes pre-configured for fever screening making it ready to run with minimal setup or training, a release stated.

“The current health crisis posed by COVID-19 has prompted an increasing number of businesses and organizations to look at ways to improve their health security strategies,” said IN-DEPTH Camera founding team member Michael Mansouri. “In an effort to meet the demand, we have refined our products and services with the expansion of real-time preventative and guidance tools.”

The system features AI-enabled facial recognition technology and can scan up to 30 people per second and store over 20,000 faces in real-time and identify 'as known' or 'as strangers.'

The AI scene analytics tool can detect scenarios such as an individual entering with or without a mask, detection of mask removal, and assess the number of people entering a building.

The AI Social Distancing tool, meanwhile, can detect if people are keeping safe distance from each other by analyzing real- time video streams from the camera -- all in real-time with no additional employee required to operate.

“Businesses and organizations across the globe are struggling with a difficult decision: when and how to return to workplaces in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic,” the company said in the release.

“Unlike other disasters such as an extreme weather event or IT outage, a global health pandemic does not have a definitive end. As businesses learn to operate in the "new normal" and implement tactical safety measures, IN-DEPTH Camera helps organizations make this challenging transition by offering a quick and accurate solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”