Cybersecurity Webinar

Paul Barker | Oct 03, 2019 | Podinar

You could lose millions to a ransomware attack. Cut out ransomware and deliver ultra-secure and fully-compliant remote file access, sharing and collaboration with decentralized edge-cloud computing!

Our expert panelists Michelle Drolet of Towerwall and Tom Ward of Qnext/FileFlex joined participants online on October 1st 2019 to speak about how to use a decentralized edge-cloud architecture to secure your company's files & data and prevent cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks. If you missed the webinar or want a recap, watch the video below or download the presentation.

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Host & Moderator

Paul Barker, Editor-in-Chief, Edge Computing Association

Paul is a well known Editor with an established reputation as a technology journalist. Paul is highly-skilled in identifying key trends in technology and investigating the key products and players. Paul has a Bachelor of Applied Arts focused in Journalism from Ryerson University.

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Towerwall Keynote Speaker

Michelle Drolet, CEO, Towerwall

As the CEO of a woman-owned company and one of Towerwall’s resident information security experts, Michelle assists organizations through the process to help them protect critical data by the evaluation, establishment, education and enforcement of sound information security, network security and data security programs and practices.

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FileFlex Keynote Speaker

Tom Ward, VP, Qnext Corp

Tom was a founding employee of ATI Technologies Inc. and holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University. With extensive experience in both large multi-national companies and small entrepreneurial start-ups, Tom is a senior sales and marketing executive with extensive experience successfully developing channels, motivating and leading teams of sales and marketing professionals and utilizing cross-functional knowledge (product management, pricing, channel marketing) in order to maximize sales potential. 

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