Device Insight and Sentian launch era of ‘Artificial Intelligence of Things’

Paul Barker | Aug 26, 2020 | The News

Munich-based Device Insight, a provider of IoT and IIoT offerings, and Sentian, a Swedish specialist in industrial AI, say they are pooling their expertise in an attempt to help companies optimize their production processes along the lines of a Smart Factory.

The companies said in a release that the move, combines AI and IoT, to “form an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) and at the same time “take the intelligent automation of industrial manufacturing processes to a whole new level, enabling companies to increase the efficiency of their production by up to 30%

“Until now, most industrial companies have concentrated on predictive maintenance, leaving the opportunity to optimize their core processes with the help of artificial intelligence unused. In fact, it is precisely these gradual improvements in production processes that offer promising business value, enabling companies to significantly increase their product quality level as well as the efficiency of their operations.”

The goal, of the AIoT approach, they added, is to continuously reduce deviations from the optimum within manufacturing processes.

Fewer deviations mean improved machine and system performance, less waste and lower costs -- and above all, more quality products

“Predictive maintenance is still very important for the industry,” said Marten Schirge, managing director at Device Insight. “When it comes to process optimization, however, predictive maintenance can only be of limited help.

“The real challenge within industry lies elsewhere. These days, many control systems are outdated and not very adaptable, while at the same time machines are becoming increasingly complex. This is the conflict area where we begin with AIoT.”

For the implementation of AIoT projects, Device Insight said it brings its expertise in connecting machines, aggregating and managing IoT data and linking AI applications into the partnership.

Sentian, meanwhile, has developed advanced algorithms that it said help reduce deviations within individual production processes or even entire plants.

“Bringing AI to the core of production enables companies to truly benefit from AI” said Sentian CEO Martin Rugfelt. “The potential of AIoT and our cooperation to deliver fully scalable solutions provides proof of value rather than just technical proofs. AI is ready to be operationalized.”