Havelock One launches AI-enabled digital concierge for safer spaces

Paul Barker | Sep 09, 2020 | The News

Havelock One, Admira and Samsung have partnered up to develop Covid Defender, a digital display unit that incorporates AI and IoT technologies to ensure compliance with recommended Covid-19 safety measures.

According to a release issued by the three companies, it offers basic and optional features such as mask and temperature detection, capacity and appointment management as well as social distancing control.

An integrated touchless hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser and the provision of additional PPE, like masks and gloves, further enables safer access to shops, restaurants, clinics and offices, the companies said.

“Whether you are in charge of a retail space, a restaurant, an office, an educational or medical institution, in a post-Covid19 world it is paramount to keep your staff, guests and visitors as safe as possible.

Covid Defender is the optimal solution for monitoring and controlling access to enclosed spaces, where people come together to dine, shop, work, be entertained, educated or treated.”

The standard unit is available in metal or Corian and comes with a 32-inch Samsung screen (1080×1920 pixels) and a thermal camera. Providing a SaaS (software as a service) platform, real-time data and display content can be managed from one proprietary app.

“For now, the challenge is Covid-19,” said Syed Kashif Akhtar, group managing director of Havelock One.

“However, in the future, digital interfaces will play a stronger role in welcoming and onboarding customers and clients. We believe, that QR codes, NFC tags and interactive displays are here to stay.”