The Eclipse Foundation , the world’s largest open source foundation focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), this week released results from its 2020 IoT Developer Survey an when it comes to key verticals, farming tops the list.

Administered by the Eclipse IoT Working Group, the survey is designed to provide insights into the IoT industry landscape, the challenges developers are facing, and the opportunities for enterprise stakeholders in the IoT open source ecosystem.

The online survey was conducted over a period of three months (May-July 2020) during which time 1,652 individuals from a range of industries and organizations participated. Key findings include:

  • In 2020, smart agriculture has emerged as the leading industry focus
  • Security (39%), connectivity (27%) and data collection & analytics (26%) remain the top three concerns for IoT developers in 2020
  • Artificial Intelligence (30%) was the most frequently selected edge computing workload
  • Privacy is a growing concern for 23% of respondents, as awareness of the issues increases among organizations and consumers alike
  • Distributed ledgers have gained momentum as a way to secure IoT solutions
  • Java is the most widely used programming language at the edge (20%) and in the cloud (24%)

The survey data also includes details on edge computing workloads, top concerns by IoT developers, and breakdowns by market

“As the Internet of Things continues to grow, so do the opportunities and challenges faced by IoT developers,” said Mike Milinkovich, the foundation’s executive director. “This survey provides everyone, from hardware and software vendors to service providers and enterprises, with insights into how the choices made by developers are impacting the latest IoT strategies and businesses.”

Supported by over 300 members globally, the foundation currently hosts and enables an estimated 375 open source projects that have so far resulted in over 240 million lines of code being created.

Its IoT community “represents one of the largest open source collaborations in the world, spanning 45 projects and more than 43 members, with over 8 million lines of code produced. Eclipse IoT projects have been adopted by many of the world’s leading companies to deliver commercial IoT solutions and services.”

Open source projects include runtimes, tools, and frameworks for cloud and edge applications, IoT, AI, automotive, systems engineering, digital ledger technologies and open processor designs

The report and its insights can be downloaded here

Paul Barker