The Kudelski Group and SixSq Co-Develop Industrial IoT Offering

Philip Bliss | May 14, 2019 | Quick Thought

Digital security vendor The Kudelski Group and cloud technology provider SixSq have announced an agreement to create a joint offering the two firms said enables Industrial IoT implementers to securely manage their edge-based software and data assets.

It will work across a wide variety of customer sites and clouds, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency while protecting valuable data and software, they added.

“IoT technologies are transforming industries and enabling smarter cities. They create operational efficiencies, accelerate new business models and ensure employee and consumer safety,” the two firms said in a release.

“They produce massive amounts of data from sensors, actuators and other devices in the field to feed operational decisions, which are increasingly made at the edge by applications that run on local gateways. To safeguard the accuracy of these decisions, these devices and applications must be carefully managed and actively secured.”

As part of the joint agreement, SixSq will provide its global software orchestration service, Nuvla, to ease the installation, deployment, management and update of IoT applications at the edge on NuvlaBoxes.

Kudelski’s IoT Security Platform will protect IoT devices and gateways from attack, so they provide a steady stream of authentic and trusted data to industrial and smart city applications.

Jean-Michel Puiatti, Kudelski Group senior vice president for IoT security said that “organizations implementing IoT for industrial or smart city applications are achieving great efficiencies and cost savings by making critical decisions at the edge.”