OpenNebula Deploys Packet-Powered Edge Infrastructure in 17 Locations

Philip Bliss | May 14, 2019 | Quick Thought

Cloud management software vendor, OpenNebula Systems, and bare metal infrastructure provider, Packet, say they have teamed up to showcase a new use case for edge computing. Leveraging Packet's Edge Access Program, which provides access to both centralized and edge bare metal for early users, OpenNebula deployed a global footprint to support a low-latency gaming use case.

OpenNebula and Packet say they each provide offerings that help meet the demands of reduced latency and global performance while benefiting from the agility of automated cloud deployments.

To help showcase the power of distributed bare metal and rapid software deployment, the OpenNebula team simulated a global video game launch across Packet's global infrastructure.

During the demonstration, the latest version of OpenNebula 5.8 "Edge" was installed on a front-end node, which then managed a simultaneous deployment of clusters across 17 global locations.

Each of the hypervisors was automatically configured as part of the OpenNebula cloud, along with the "first-person" video game Enemy Territory. The edge environment was fully deployed in less than 25 minutes and offered a latency below 10ms to gamers in the geographical proximity of the various host locations.

"Companies and their customers are going global, and the benefits of distributed infrastructure are of massive impact," noted Jacob Smith, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Packet. "The missing piece is the software that helps users do this efficiently and with confidence

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