Schneider Electric has released a white paper entitled, "Essential Guidance on DCIM for Edge Computing Infrastructure", available for download at the Schneider Electric website.

The paper provides data centre operators, channel partners and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with best practices for the successful deployment of next-generation Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software in edge computing environments.

Using innovative technologies including AI and Machine Learning (ML), these platforms ensure that distributed IT equipment deployed in remote locations, which lack IT staff, are proactively monitored to drive resilience and uptime, the company said.

“Next-generation DCIM architectures utilize data analytics, open APIs and integration with other vendor applications to provide unprecedented insight into edge and micro data centre environments,” said Kevin Brown, senior vice president of Innovation and CTO, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric.

“However, successful DCIM deployments also require organizational buy-in and ongoing cooperation between stakeholders. To extract the full value of DCIM, it is essential that the right processes are in place and that they are adapted as technologies and operations evolve over time."

The white paper sates that next-generation DCIM platforms are defined by five key attributes, which differentiate them from legacy data centre management systems: Connects to a data lake enabling insight and event prediction with AI, Utilizes mobile and web technologies and integrates with third party platforms, Prioritizes simplicity and intuitive user experiences in its design, Serves as a compliance tool to identify and eliminate potential cyber security risks, and Relies on cloud technologies for ease of implementation, scalability, analytics and maintenance.


Paul Barker