Webinars: Key piece of ECA’s content delivery strategy

Paul Barker | Jun 30, 2020 | Edge Exchange

They grew in popularity pre-COVID-19 days and if done correctly, are now even more popular. We are talking about webinars and at ECA it is a major part of our mandate.

“People are not going to conferences and events and likely will not for the foreseeable future,” says ECA founder Phil Bliss. “When ECA conducts a webinar, we act as a filter for our audience."

“The host makes sure that it is not about a pitch but providing valuable information. We structure it so that 80% of the webinar is going to be valuable. That is not saying the remainder is not going to be valuable, but it is going to focus on the solution an individual or organization is providing.”

Recent webinars have included:

Mentally Prepared for Anything - Building Inner Resilience for the Remote Technology Workplace

In this presentation from Patricia (Tish) Conlin, a certified emotional intelligence trainer, viewers learned the six keys to thriving in the technology sector during COVID-19 and beyond.

Qnext Zero-Trust Remote Access Sharing and Collaboration of Hybrid IT

In a discussion with ECA, Tom Ward talked about movements to a distributed workforce and a hybrid-IT infrastructure, the issues these bring to modern organizations and how to address zero-trust and data governance offering for remote access, file sharing and collaboration of the modern hybrid-IT organization.

How To Deliver Ultra-Secure & Fully-Compliant Remote File Access, Sharing & Collaboration with Decentralized Cloud Edge Computing

Our speakers discuss how decentralized, edge computing will play a major role in the future of secure file access & sharing.

Clearly, quality is key. San Francisco-based digital company ON24, stated in a recent report “the standards we need to live up to are now much higher. When inboxes are filled with spam and Netflix becomes a benchmark for everyone, winning the attention of audiences only become harder.

“We believe that great webinars provide an answer. When you can offer real conversation and two-way interaction, your webinars will stand out. When you provide context and reasons for your audience to engage, your content will gain more traction.”

Stay tuned for more ECA webinars coming soon and contact us at info@edgecomputingassociation.com if you want to learn more about producing a webinar with us.